New CSV Batch Upload available to all CMHS grantees


The new CSV (comma separated values) Batch Upload is now available to upload data into SPARS for the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) National Outcome Measures (NOMs) Tool. CSV Batch Upload offers grantees a way to enter multiple NOMs records into SPARS at once and is an alternative to manual data entry. This new capability is now available for any CMHS grant program and is best suited for grantees using another system for initial data collection such as an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system or survey tool. This is an optional capability; CMHS grantees can continue to enter CMHS NOMs data via the online data entry on the SPARS website.

Any SAMHSA CMHS grantees who are prepared to begin batch upload of CMHS NOMs tool data in SPARS should follow these steps:

1. Review the existing training and reference materials found on SPARS

2. Request your grant to be enabled for CSV Batch Upload in one of two ways

  • Attend a TA Session
    The SPARS team is offering four group technical assistance (TA) sessions about the new CSV Batch Upload process. These sessions are open to any CMHS grantees who are prepared to begin batch upload of CMHS National Outcome Measures (NOMs) tool data in SPARS. SAMHSA staff are also welcomed to attend. These technical assistance sessions are focused on grantee staff that will be involved in preparing CMHS NOMs data in CSV files and performing the upload of files to SPARS. Each session will be limited to 300 attendees, which will allow grantees to ask questions about the batch upload process.

    Grantees that are ready to begin batch uploading to SPARS using this new feature should attend one of the following technical assistance sessions. Each session will last one hour.  After attending a TA session, batch uploading will be enabled for your grant.

    Only register for the session you plan to attend using the individual links below.
  • Email the helpdesk request for access
    CMHS grantees who feel prepared to use batch upload after reviewing the materials above may contact the SPARS helpdesk at and request that batch upload is enabled for their grant.


 Announcement date: 6/23/2023