New and Improved SPARS Training Area


The redesigned Training area of SPARS now includes a new look and more features such as a personalized training dashboard, a new training search page to simplify the ability to find relevant courses, and summary information is provided about each course.

From the newly designed Training Dashboard, users can:

  • Quickly search for trainings using the Browse All Training button to view all the training content on SPARS.
  • View My Courses to access enrolled courses.
    • Not Started - Courses in which the user is enrolled but has not started yet.
    • In Progress – Courses that the user started but has not completed.
    • Completed - Courses the user has finished.
  • Quickly access the Featured Course.
  • View training-related announcements, and more!

The new Training Search page allows users to:

  • Enter search terms to find a specific course.
  • Browse courses using filters by Center, Content Level, Topics, and Data Entry Type.
  • Sort courses by posting date or alphabetically.

SPARS users will not be able to access their history of training courses completed on the previous training site.

Stay tuned for a new SPARS Training Page Quick Tour video for an in-depth look at how to use the new Training area of SPARS.

The SPARS Team

Announcement date: 6/29/2023