CSV Batch Upload process is now enabled for all CMHS grantees


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The comma separated values (CSV) Batch Upload is now enabled in Quality Assurance (QA) mode for all CMHS grant programs to upload data into SPARS for the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) National Outcome Measures (NOMs) Tool. CSV Batch Upload offers grantees a way to enter multiple NOMs records into SPARS at once and is an alternative to manual data entry. This is best suited for grantees using another system for initial data collection such as an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system or survey tool. CSV Batch Upload is an optional capability. CMHS grantees may also continue to enter CMHS NOMs data via the online data entry on the SPARS website.   

All SAMHSA CMHS grantees can now use QA mode to test their record uploads before saving them in the system. 

The following training and reference materials can be found on SPARS: 

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