UPDATE: Postponed Implementation Date for CSAT GPRA and CMHS NOMs Client-Level Measures Tools


Thank you for your continued dedication to meeting your grant program’s purpose, goals, and objectives to address the behavioral health needs of your community and the nation. To reduce administrative burden and improve data quality, SAMHSA’s CSAT and CMHS revised and received approval for the following Government Performance and Results (GPRA) tools:

  • CMHS GPRA National Outcome Measures (NOMs) Client-Level Measures for Discretionary Programs Providing Direct Services (OMB 0930-0285); and
  • CSAT GPRA Client Outcome Measures for Discretionary Programs (OMB 0930-0208)

The new tools were expected to be implemented on September 30, 2022. However, SAMHSA is delaying implementing the new tools until January 1, 2023.

SAMHSA has received questions and feedback from grantees regarding implementation of the new tools. As a result, SAMHSA is postponing implementation of the tools to provide grantees with additional time to leverage reference and training materials. Additionally, the delay will better enable grantees to meet requirements for data entry by allowing more time for grantees to update data collection processes and systems.

If you have questions on the new tools please email:

CMHS:  CMHS-GPRAtools@samhsa.hhs.gov

CSAT:  CSAT-GPRAtools@samhsa.hhs.gov

Please copy your Government Project Officer on all email correspondence