Update on CSAT GPRA CSV Batch Upload Rollout


The new SPARS Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Batch Upload feature for CSAT GPRA data (new tool) will launch this week. To ensure the success of this new capability in SPARS, the following approach for the rollout is planned:

  • CSV Batch Upload for CSAT GPRA tool data will go-live on 2/16/23 in Quality Assurance (QA) only mode initially.
  • Users will be able to submit data for CSV Batch Upload via the SPARS website, but all records being uploaded must have the QA only indicator set to yes (i.e., “1”) in the CSV file.
  • QA indicator will allow grantees to submit files and resolve errors without risk of uploading incorrect records into SPARS and will eliminate the risk of grantees needing to delete data they did not wish to process.

The SPARS Team will:

  • Monitor the data being submitted by grantees using the CSV batch upload process and proactively contact grantees via email to offer technical assistance in resolving errors.
  • Use the email address of the user that submitted the data in SPARS for outreach.
  • Prioritize technical assistance to grantees based on the volume of unique client records uploaded.

Once grantees have demonstrated the ability to create files that upload to SPARS without errors in QA only mode, SPARS will enable the full capability for those grantees to upload data into SPARS for full processing.

Please note, there are updates in progress for the CSAT GPRA Codebook based on testing and input from grantees. SPARS Team is working to publish the updated codebook as quickly as possible, and that version will have each change clearly documented. Please refer to the announcements on the SPARS homepage for information on new and updated resources for CSAT GPRA CSV Batch Upload.


The SPARS Team


Announcement date: 02/13/2023