SPARS CMHS Resource Update – Week of 1/23/23



New CMHS Training Materials Now Available on SPARS:

CMHS Data Entry for Annual Goals Training Video

The CMHS Data Entry for Annual Goals Training course provides instruction on the process by which grantees enter their Annual Goals in SPARS, and the corresponding review and approval process by GPOs. This course is intended for SPARS users that are responsible for entering and updating annual goals for client-level services and/or IPP indicator goals. The Annual Goals open period is during quarter 1, so the deadline to enter or edit Annual Goals in SPARS for the new Federal Fiscal Year (FFY23) was December 31st. The learning objectives for this training include:

  • Understand the purpose, process, and timeline
  • Access and edit Annual Goals data in SPARS
  • Be aware of the GPO approval process and how to review GPO feedback

For additional CMHS resources, view the Quick Reference Guide. This guide will be updated frequently.


Announcement date: 01/27/2023