New SPARS CSAP Improvements Released on April 30, 2018

Project Officers can now download participant-level data for MAI grant awards to which they have access. They can download more than one grant award at a time for Adult Surveys, Youth Surveys, Individual Dosage, and Group Dosage. The download is available in CSV and HTML formats.

The Actions icon on the CSAP Progress Reports dashboard now includes an option to “View Contact Information” for active Progress Reports. This can be used by Project Officers to conveniently contact grantees. For example, to ensure grantees are planning to submit their Progress Reports by the reporting deadline. In addition, the formatting and layout of the exported Progress Report PDF was improved.

Work Plans now display a complete history of all status changes, which can be viewed by grantees and Project Officers. In addition, when users create a new version of a Work Plan, the system automatically creates a Status History Record.