New and Improved CSAT, CMHS, and CSAP Data Visualizations Released on April 30, 2021

The CSAT data visualizations were updated with following improvements:

  • The CSAT National Outcome Measures by Program data visualization was updated with UI improvements, such as resizing the column widths and adding borders around the columns to be consistent with the Intake and Follow-up data visualizations.
  • The list of grant programs for the CSAT ICD-10 Frequency data visualization was limited to only display those that were active as of March 1, 2019 since ICD-10 was added to SPARS on that date.
  • Minor issues were resolved for several CSAT data visualizations.

The CMHS data visualizations were updated with the following improvements:

  • A new CMHS Time Series: Numbers Served data visualization was added displays the numbers served over time, broken down by various parameters.
  • A new CMHS Multi-Year IPP Performance report was added that summarizes Infrastructure Development, Prevention and Mental Health Promotion (IPP) indicator data for the selected federal fiscal years (FFYs) combined.
  • The budget information column was removed from the CMHS Performance Report, as grantees are no longer required to provide this information.
  • In the CMHS Frequency data visualization, Length of Treatment was added to the Clinical Discharge Status section.

The CSAP MAI Participant Level Data (PLD) data visualization was updated with an Excel export option.

Please contact the Help Desk at or toll-free at 1-800-685-7623 if you have any questions about these improvements.