New and Improved CMHS and CSAP Reports Released on December 16, 2019

The new and improved reports for CMHS include:

- New Quarterly IPP Data Entry Status Report
- New Quarterly Health Indicators Reassessment Interview Rate Report
- Updated CMHS Crosstab Frequency Report with the Section H variables

In addition, all the CMHS reports were updated to improve the look and feel.

Other CMHS improvements include the Admin screen now allows for creating and removing aliases and AGB records can now be unlocked in the “Approved” status more than once.

For CSAP, new MAI MRT Summary Statistics data visualizations were added. These include an MAI Number Served and Referrals Report with sub-reports for Number Served: Participant Level Data by Target Population and Referrals for Services.

Please contact the SPARS Help Desk at (855) 322-2746 or if you have any questions about these improvements.