MAI ISO Tool No Longer Required

The Indirect Services Outcomes (ISO) cross-site evaluation tool is no longer required. SAMHSA received feedback from grantees that the ISO is highly complex and extremely time-consuming. Based on this feedback and per SAMHSA’s interest in reducing reporting burden, we decided to eliminate it. We hope this change is positive for you and your program.

Please note, the ISO module on your SPARS dashboard as well as the data entry screens will be visible until March 19, 2018. Even though the ISO screens are visible, you should not enter data. If you entered data in the past and you want a copy of that data, please make sure you take screenshots or make copies of the data before March 19, 2018. On that date, the ISO module and data entry screens will be hidden and you will have to contact the SPARS Help Desk to get copies of your ISO data.