Improved CSAT and CMHS Reports Released on March 29, 2021

The following improvements were made to the CSAT and CMHS data visualizations:

- The CSAT data visualizations now display grant-level information when grants are selected in the Program/Grant filter.
- A new Match Type filter was added to the CMHS Frequency report to support selecting matched pairs. The filter will only be enabled when “Baseline” is selected in the Interview Type filter.
- On the CMHS Frequency report, a Record Management section was added to the Questions filter to include administrative and program-specific questions.
- The CMHS Outcomes Report now allows for multiple years to be selected.

In addition, several issues related to the CSAT and CMHS data visualizations were resolved in this release.

Please contact the SPARS Help Desk at (855) 322-2746 or if you have any questions about these improvements.