Improved CSAT and CMHS Reports Released on January 29, 2021

The following improvements were made to the CSAT reports:
- A new CSAT Outcome Change report was released, showing several outcomes side by side. The existing Outcome Change report was renamed to “National Outcome Measures by Program.”
- Improvements were made to the filter labels in CSAT reports, affecting Demographics, ICD-10, and the newly renamed National Outcome Measures by Program reports.
- Explanatory footnotes were added to the Race/Ethnicity filter for CSAT reports Demographics, ICD-10, National Outcome Measures by Program, and the new Outcome Change report.
- Explanatory footnotes were added to the CSAT Intake Coverage Rate, Follow-up Rate, and National Outcome Measures by Program (previously Outcome Change) reports.
- The CSAT Intake Coverage Rate and Follow-up Rate reports now hide the total row when only a single grant or program is selected.
- The CSAT Follow-up Rate report no longer displays the period of performance since grants within the same program often have different periods of performance.
- The CSAT SOR/TOR Program Level Data report now has an updated menu title and description, improved column names, and other minor UI enhancements in the HTML and Excel versions.

The following improvements were made to the CMHS reports:
- Indicator descriptions were added to the filter for the CMHS IPP Performance Report.
- The CMHS Missing Section H report now includes CCBHC grant data. The drop-down now includes only active grants with Section H. The report was renamed to “Physical/Mechanical Health Section H Missing Data Report.”

Several CSAP issues were resolved in this release as well, including:
- Verbiage was updated on the CSAP SPF-Rx Substitute Data Request page and the associated SSRS report.
- The help text was updated on the CSAP Substitute Data Request Workplan page and the Outcomes tab for the CSAP SPF-Rx Progress Report.
- An error no longer occurs when the “Download Community Outcome Measures” link is clicked from the CSAP GPO dashboard.

Please contact the Help Desk at or toll-free at 1-800-685-7623 if you have any questions about these improvements.