Improved CSAT and CMHS Reports Released on February 26, 2021

The following improvements were made to the CSAT and CMHS data visualizations:

- A new Intake/Follow-up/Discharge Rate report was added to CSAT data visualizations.
- The CSAT Demographics and Outcome Change data visualizations now have an option to export in Excel format.
- The CSAT Performance Monitoring Summary Rate report and the SOR/TOR PLD report now display properly in Firefox.
- The CMHS reporting menu was revised to match the style of CSAP and CSAT reporting menus.

In addition, CSAP was revised to accommodate non-standard quarterly reporting periods, such as PFS-20.

Several issues were resolved in this release as well, including:

- The targets were zero on the CSAT Best Practices data entry page.
- The CMHS Reassessment Interview Rate Report no longer includes data for reassessments completed after a grant’s end date.
- The selections in the Reporting Period and Region filters displayed as “undefined” for the CSAP MAI PLD data visualizations.
- The non-SPF-Rx questions were removed from the SPF-Rx SSRS report.

Please contact the SPARS Help Desk at 1-800-685-7623 or if you have any questions about these improvements.