Improved CMHS and CSAT Reports Released on April 20, 2020

The following CMHS reports were updated in this release:

- Quarterly Health Indicators Report was updated to accommodate the programs that do not collect blood draw data.
- ICD-10 Report was added
- Cross Tabulation/Frequency Report was updated/refreshed to be simplified and more user-friendly.

The CMHS Data Download feature now includes a Status drop-down to select the active and/or inactive grants.

The CSAT data visualizations were updated with new menus to allow for accessibility with the keyboard. In addition, the CSAT Reports menu was updated to remove the legacy reports (30-Day Follow-up Rate Report, Coverage Report by Event, and Coverage Report by Participant).

Please contact the SPARS Help Desk at (855) 322-2746 or if you have any questions about these improvements.