Coming Up -- SPARS TTA Tools Training Sessions

The SPARS team will host live training sessions on these new tools for TTC and for Best Practices (non-TTC) grantees on June 27, 2-3:30pm and June 30, 10:30am-12pm.

Full details and registration links will be emailed soon. Recordings and materials will be available on SPARS following the sessions.

  • The Technology Transfer Center (TTC) and Best Practices (non-TTC) Tools were updated this summer. The new name for TTC is "Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)" Tools. The updated TTA Tools will include new and revised questions and a new data entry location in SPARS for the following forms: Event, Post-Event, and Follow-Up.
  • These trainings are open to SPARS users who oversee or are responsible for collecting and submitting TTC or Best Practices (non-TTC) data.
  • The 1st half hour of the training will provide an overview of changes to the tools. The changes will take effect in July and will include new versions of the TTA Tools and changes in SPARS navigation for data entry and reporting.
  • The full training will provide a detailed overview of the TTA Tools and a walk-through of the data collection features in SPARS