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This message contains important information concerning the completion of XML Batch Upload processing for the expired CSAT Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Client Outcome Measures for Discretionary Programs tool (GPRA Tool) (interviews conducted through 1/20/23), as well as the launch of the SPARS XML Batch Upload capability for the new GPRA Tool (interviews conducted from 1/21/23 forward). Please note the following guidance for XML upload to SPARS.

XML Batch Upload of files for the Expired CSAT GPRA Tool (interviews through 1/20/23)

The SPARS team is aware of the challenges with processing XML Batch Upload files for the expired GPRA tool. All files that have been submitted to date are being processed. SPARS is currently processing a backlog of files. As a result, the following is necessary to complete the XML Batch Upload for data for the expired CSAT GPRA tool.

  • Please do not submit additional files to SPARS for XML batch upload at this time. The system must process the files already received before any additional files are submitted through the system.
  • If you have additional XML Batch Upload files to be sent and processed by SPARS, please contact the SPARS Help Desk ( and provide details on any files previously submitted that have not been successfully processed, as well as any files that have yet to be submitted.
  • The date for using the XML Batch Upload for processing expired CSAT GPRA Tool data in SPARS is being extended. The SPARS team will work with grantees to ensure that XML Batch Upload files with data for the expiring tool are processed before the transition of XML Batch Upload for the new tool occurs.

The SPARS team is taking steps to accelerate the processing of the XML Batch Upload files for expired CSAT GPRA tool records and will be monitoring the processing of submitted files closely. SPARS team will communicate to grantees once all records have been processed so that grantees can validate the data in SPARS.

XML Batch Upload of files for the New CSAT GPRA Tool (interviews from 1/21/23 forward)

XML batch uploading of new-tool GPRA data is on hold until the processing of the expired-tool data is complete. Availability of the XML batch upload for the new tool will be determined based on the completion of the processing of the expired tool data (approximately 3/9/23).

  • Please refer to the Announcements on the SPARS website for updates on the CSAT GPRA batch upload resources and system availability. Updates to the CSAT GPRA Codebook and XML Schema are forthcoming in response to questions raised by grantees.
  • Users of XML batch upload, please contact us at: so the SPARS team can be sure to include you on communications specific to XML Batch Upload users.

The SPARS Team


Announcement date: 02/13/2023